Why are exclusive dating apps usually so disappointing?

9 hours ago · The dating app officially launched in 2015 and was first plugged as an “online membership-based community for dating, networking and making new friends”.. But it quickly became known as the invitation-only exclusive app for influencers, artists and every celebrity from A to C-list, looking to find love – or maybe just their next slice of arm candy. ...read more


Raya Review (2021) - Too Exclusive? Worth It?

31.12.2019 · Channing Tatum is reportedly looking for love on Raya, the exclusive dating app for the rich and famous that accepts 8% of applicants. Here's what you should know about how it works. Hillary ...read more


Matthew Perry is the latest celeb in hot water over

07.05.2021 · Raya is an exclusive dating app that is used by many celebrities. The app launched in 2015 and advertises itself as a "community" of people interested in "dating, networking and making new friends". Users have to apply to the app and about 92 percent of membership applications fail, according to the New York Times. ...read more


Raya Dating App Review and How to Get Accepted

Raya Review Update April 2021 | Is It Perfect or Scam? ...read more


Can ‘Illuminati Tinder’ Save Us All? - The New York Times

How Much Does The Raya Dating App Cost? Given the high caliber of people you’ll find on the app, it’s surprisingly cheap – only $7.99 for one month, $23.99 for 3 months, and $29.99 for 6 months. Download Raya here: Getting Started On Raya. Signing up for the app is easy – qualifying to be on Raya … ...read more


Elite Online Dating Apps You Probably Can't Join: Raya

22.03.2017 · Raya is “an exclusive platform for people in creative industries.” I got the app for the same reasons many people did: (a) I am in a creative industry; (b) I wanted to see if Zac Efron is on it. ...read more


Exclusive Dating Apps Are the Worst | GQ

27.06.2018 · On Raya, Ms. Greenberg said, “everyone’s someone.” The app costs $7.99 a month, but joining is no small ordeal. Prospective members are evaluated by an … ...read more


The 5 Best Exclusive Dating Sites & Apps For 2021

Raya is a very exclusive members only dating app that was launched in 2015. It’s for people who are looking for an elite experience and who would otherwise have problems on normal dating apps because of their popularity, success or status. ...read more



Raya Dating App Review [Is This Elite App Worth The Hype?]

12.06.2020 · These are just a few of the famous faces who have reportedly been spotted on Raya, the uber-exclusive app that’s been called everything from Illuminati Tinder to the “you can’t sit with us ...read more


What is Raya? Exclusive Dating App Reportedly Used by

04.05.2021 · Raya, is a private, membership-based dating app said to be used by high-profile people and celebrities. The app made headlines this week when a … ...read more


Raya Review April 2021 — Is It Trustworthy and Safe

07.05.2021 · Officially launched in 2015, Raya — billed as an "online membership-based community for dating, networking and making new friends" — quickly became known as the exclusive … ...read more


The Best Exclusive Dating Apps - AskMen

17.02.2016 · There's an entire market of elite dating apps where users are vetted based on looks and wealth. Tinder just doesn't cut it when you're rich and famous. Skip to main content ...read more


Raya: The Celebrity Dating App 2021 Reviews | How To Join

08.05.2021 · THE woman that matched with Matthew Perry, 51, on Raya has been kicked off of the exclusive dating app. Page Six broke the news that Kate Haralson was removed from the dating app after exposing the actor when she was just 19-years-old. 10. ...read more


Inside the Secret Dating App for Famous People

07.05.2021 · Raya is an exclusive dating app with a rigorous application process that yields an approximate 8% acceptance rate, according to Business Insider. The idea behind the exclusivity, according to Raya's website , is to meet "someone that could change a life." ...read more


Raya Review: A Platform For Dating Stars

A dating platform that celebs use which is also known as the celebrity dating app. Despite being a platform for the Elites, it costs you less than $10 per month. Along with dating the app is also used for networking with industry influencers. Raya mobile app makes using the platform convenient allowing you to be always connected with your connections. ...read more


What is Raya and how do you get in and off the waitlist

Raya is incredibly affordable, coming in at only $9.99 a month. You only pay the fee once you are approved as a user, so there isn’t really anything to lose by applying. Well, other than about 10 minutes of your time. If you are considering signing up for Raya, we recommend doing it in conjunction with using another dating app. ...read more


What Is Raya? The Dating App For Celebrities, Explained

Some call it an exclusive secret society while others call it pointless and pretentious, online dating app Raya seems to be as polarising as it is sought after. Tailored for the elite, famous, rich, ‘interesting’ and powerful, Raya is a members-only app used for dating, networking and making new friends. ...read more


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